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Why should you buy Amazon Kindle Fire?


The Amazon Kindle Fire is an Android device from the Amazon stable. The shipped version allows you to download apps only from the Amazon App storefront, though there are enough tutorials out there which help you to install the Android Market in your Kindle Fire thus making it a true Android tablet. The comparison is often with the Apple iPad and the Nook tablet, and the question often will come to your mind is since the Kindle Fire is a cheaper option than the other two, is there something that is missing in it?


The Kindle Fire has a 7 inch screen and is lightweight (14.6 ounces viz.a.viz an iPad which weighs almost double the Kindle Fire at 21.2 ounces). The maximum screen resolution supported is 1024 * 600. The OS used is a customized version of Android. The Kindle Fire comes with a Dual Core TI OMAP 4 Processor and supports Wi-Fi. However there is no built-in camera and there is no GPS support either which can be ignored if you anyway have a high end camera. However, the absence of a camera can impair its use as a chatting device. The browser that comes with the Kindle Fire is the Amazon Silk. Its battery life is comparable to that of an Apple iPad and offers upto 8 hours of battery.

There is a headphone jack as well as a micro USB slot. This enables easy file transfers from your computer to your Kindle Fire. It also has 8 GB of built-in storage which is amply sufficient considering the unlimited cloud storage on offer. The Amazon Cloud can be access using any device thus offering you free storage that is not restricted to your Kindle Fire.

From a design perspective it is a great device, though some users have an issue with the screen size being too small. However, the screen resolution and the DPI more than makes up for the small screen size by offering clarity which is often better than that of competing devices like the iPad and the Nook tablets. Yet another problem pointed out in several reviews is the power button which is placed at the bottom of the device rather than the top. This can cause the device to be accidentally switched off while being placed on a flat surface for viewing videos.

Why Choose Kindle Fire

At a price point of $199, the Kindle Fire definitely is the tablet of choice for those who cannot afford the iPad and does not need some of the least used features of the iPad. One of the biggest advantages of the Kindle Fire is the unlimited cloud storage space available. The device is truly integrated to the Amazon Cloud and if you are going to be offline for a while then you can download stuff into your Kindle Fire from the Cloud with a single button click.

It is also small and lightweight making it a truly portable tablet. So it is convenient to carry while travelling. One compelling reason to choose the Kindle Fire over iPad is the availability of DRM-free music. Unlike iTunes, the MP3 music that you download from Amazon can be played in any device. Video support is also quite good with built-in apps to handle video.


The device competes directly with the Apple IPad and manages to hold its own by offering some great features. However, a built-in camera and a micro USB cable would be good additions to see in the product without further increase in the price. The Amazon Kindle Fire is definitely a value for money product